Farview Supply Sdn Bhd is a fast growing 100% Malaysian-owned ship-chandler that has been established since 2002 and a company that is desirous of becoming one of the most comprehensive players in ship-chandler merchandise and diversified products. Farview Supply Sdn Bhd sources stocks and supply customers in general and marine hardware manufactured locally or overseas. We offer one-stop supply chain through Kemaman and other ports in Malaysia. We also supply handy storage facilities and convenience using containers, cargo baskets and tire fenders, for both rental and sales.

Farview Supply Ship-Chandler specialises in providing our customers in the general and marine, hardware requirements which include local and foreign manufacturers. Our add-on values also include the supply of wet, dry, chilled and frozen provisions, kitchen wares, stationeries, sand blasting and coatings. We also try our best to provide and service any emergency order.